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January 4, 2013
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More Gorgeous Bikini Pics Of Stephanie Seymour.

A short time ago, I wrote a post about a set of Stephanie Seymour pics in which she was clad in a sexy one piece bathing suit. I mentioned that it was nice seeing her in a one piece but I have to admit, these bikini pictures are definitely nice to see as well. Stephanie is a woman that just doesn’t age. Her body is beautiful and there’s barely any signs of aging on her face. I hope beyond hope that I hold up even half as well as Stephanie has. She’s definitely one of my favorite models and beach shots of her – bikini or otherwise – are always welcome.

December 27, 2008

Stephanie Seymour’s Blue Bikini Photos

Its another day, another bikini for Stephanie Seymour as she showed off her delicious hour glass figure on the sands at St. Barts. Seymour looked gorgeous in her blue bikini. Seymour looked settled into her idyllic life as a retired former supermodel. She played beach games with her daughter Lilly, 4. They were accompanied by some other children. Seymour’s husband, Peter Brant, also joined his family at the beach. Seymour and Brant have been married since 1995.

Stephanie Seymour

December 23, 2008
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Stephanie Seymour In White Bikini

Stephanie Seymour wore a skimpy white bikini for her fun in the sands. Seymour played with her daughter and shared some quality time together. The pair had a wonderful Monday afternoon on Flamands Beach in St. Barthelemy. Seymour’s husband, Peter Brant, a publisher and real estate developer, was probably out with their son, Harry. Seymour and her family were enjoying a short break before she is thrust into the limelight again. We’ll be seeing Seymour as the new face of Valentino in the Spring/ Summer 2009 campaign.

Stephanie Seymour

December 30, 2012
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More Sexy Beach Shots Of Stephanie Seymour

Just yesterday I shared a set of Stephanie Seymour photos in which the lovely lady was clad in a sexy one piece bathing suit. In that post, I mentioned I imagined Stephanie could easily rock a bikini but enjoyed seeing her in a one piece anyway. Today, I get to confirm that yes, Stephanie can in fact rock a bikini and she looks even sexier in it than in the one piece from yesterday. I can’t even describe how much I love Stephanie. She’s such a stunning woman and she always seems to relaxed and at ease. I don’t think there is a way Stephanie could be more appealing to me.

December 29, 2012
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Stephanie Seymour Hanging Out And Looking Gorgeous In St. Barts.

I remember seeing Stephanie Seymour for the first time and thinking she was possibly the sexiest woman I’d ever laid eyes on. It’s now more than a decade later and as I look at these photos of Stephanie in St. Barts, I can’t help thinking that’s still true. She’s such a beautiful woman with an incredible body who doesn’t seem to care at all what anyone thinks of her. I have to give her serious credit for that. That takes real confidence and self assurance, something a lot of people are lacking these days. Stephanie seems like the kind of person who knows who she is and I appreciate that. I also like the fact that Stephanie has chosen a one piece suit here. While I’m sure she could rock a bikini, it’s nice to see a woman looking sexy in a one piece every now and again. Great photos of a beautiful woman.

December 24, 2011

Stephanie Seymour On Holiday In St. Barts

One has to hand it to Stephanie Seymour. The lady still looks terrific in a bikini. In these new bikini shots taken while on holiday with her family in St. Barts, Stephanie looks incredible. This 43 year old stunner took a little heat not too long ago about being perhaps a little too affectionate with her son but that was then and this is now. In all likelihood it was a lot of drama about nothing anyway. I’ve been a Stephanie Seymour fan since way back in the early-mid nineties when she was with Axl Rose but to be honest, I lost track of her for a while. It’s nice to get to see more of her again and it’s definitely nice to see she hasn’t lost her charm. She’s a strong, confident woman and that shows. She looks like she’s having a great holiday relaxing with her family.