written by Wanda

Paris Hilton Gets Ready For Halloween

Who doesn’t go shopping for a Halloween costume wearing a Halloween costume? Well, probably anyone other than Paris Hilton, but we all know, Paris Hilton is a special kind of person. How you want to take the word ‘special’ is up to you. I liked Paris, but to be honest, she’s getting a little tired now. It’s always the same old thing with her. “Hey, I’m so hot. Pay attention to me.” She’s like some sort of robot that survives on attention. Stop looking at her and she’d wither and die. It’s kind of sad, really. At one time, it was entertaining to see what new publicity stunt she would pull. Now it’s hard to care. With the new crop of fame whores coming into power, poor Paris is kind of old news. That can’t feel good.

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  • Is that her actually shopping? Seems out of the ordinary that she’d wear that outfit to go shopping. But then, yes you’re right, it is Paris Hilton after all. Maybe as well as trying to stay in the limelight, she’s trying to keep herself entertained by dressing up in that outfit.


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