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August 21, 2009

Lady Gaga Wearing Thong In Public

The Poker Face singer Lady Gaga seems to be very proud on her asses while walking around in public wearing her black thong. I am not quite sure if everybody would agree that this act of Lady Gaga is cool. Conservative people will surely condemn this kind of outfits in public, but many will also consider it cool especially with the kind of mentality people have and the modernization the world is into nowadays. With the stunningly shaped asses, Lady Gaga obviously has the right to wear daring outfits as this. Aside from her ass, Lady Gaga also has long and toned legs.

Lady Gaga

July 7, 2009

Lady Gaga’s Amazing Cheeky Ass

Top performer and recording artist Lady Gaga looking hot as she arrive in London Hotel wearing a blonde wig, drawn eyebrows, nice pantyhose, and a black tiny panty or shall we call it a thong. Despite of all the eye-catching things she has, the most noticeable she got is her amazing cheeky ass that has been freely exposed in these photos. Lady Gaga is known for her extreme fashion style and this one she has in these photos is just another unique fashion sense she got right there. Despite of that noticeable fashion taste she got, it looks good at her as she always compliments it with some wigs, accessories and the like.

November 5, 2008

Vida Guerra Bikini Thong Babe

Vida Guerra, the famous model, hit Miami beach in a thong and bikini top. She was one of the fantastic bikini babes that showed up that day in sunny Miami. Guerra has been a familiar face and body on FHM, Smooth, Playboy and DUB. There were rumors that Guerra maybe chosen to replace Aubrey O’Day in the girl-band, Danity Kane. The Cuban born model has been trying to get a break into TV as well.

Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra shows bust Vida Guerra with some guy on the beach

September 17, 2008
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Shauna Sand Shows Her Thongs

And no, we’re not referring to thongs as in sandals. This girl’s wearing the real thing. Black, sexy, thongs as in underwear. Shauna Sand was recently spotted at some club in Hollywood and it looked like she was going to get something-something that night. Who wouldn’t when you’re wearing black sexy lingerie under a sheer mini dress and crystal clear hooker heels? Shauna must have been feeling very lusty that night! What do you think?

Shauna Sand

January 15, 2008

Nina Moric’s Bikini Thong

Nina Moric’s hot bikini thongs would make the men go wet and wild while staying on dry land. The gal has big, beauties on her chest and such a tiny bikini does great justice to expose those gorgeous boobies. Miami beach vacationers were so lucky to see such a hot beauty. Her figure is so lean that her ass is nicely compact, without an ounce of extra meat. Noric can pose anytime for a poster. She is a natural beauty.

Nina Moric

January 10, 2008

Lindsay Lohan’s Ass

Is anyone else tired of seeing Lindsay Lohan’s tired haggard drug addicted face? If so, well, she’s given free reign of a look at her ass. Yep, that is one claseeee lay-dee! One would try not to find themselves in compromising positions such as this when they are among the most photographed in Hollywood. However, I don’t recall anyone criticizing this one for being too smart either, so you know. Looks like she is doing some travelling here, the security badges on the dudes give it away. This may be for her trip to Capri last week when she was being honored at some shin dig or another. Someone should tell her though….if you are going to show your ass, don’t wear white thongs under black tights! Opaque doesn’t always mean opaque honey!

Lindsay Lohan Ass

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