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October 6, 2012
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Tara Reid Flashes Her Panties In New Upskirt Shots In London.

I remember a time when Tara Reid seemed so wholesome and so innocent. It seems that time is a long forgotten memory at this point. While there are other young starlets that have gone off the rails in much more public ways, Tara has definitely seen her fair share of meltdown action. I really do hope for the best for her though but beyond even the panties flashing in these photos, these photos make me think she’s not done with drama yet. She looks inebriated in at least two of these photos and that troubles me. Outside Annabel’s Club in London, Tara seems to need help standing in these photos although it’s hard to say what actually happened. She may have fallen down or she may have just needed help getting out of the car. It’s hard to not jump to conclusions when someone like Tara Reid is involved. I really do hope she finds the strength she needs to clean up. I like her and I think she has talent. It would be great to see her make a comeback.

June 21, 2012

Lana Del Rey Upskirt Pics Give Us A Peek At Her Panties.

I don’t care what anyone says. I really don’t. Not even a little. I freaking love Lana Del Rey. I absolutely love her. Her music isn’t exactly groundbreaking but it’s nice to put on and just groove to. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that Lana is a beautiful girl that gives off that sort of retro throwback vibe I love so much. Here at the Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park, London, Lana gives us a little upskirt shot and a little peek at her panties which is probably going to be what most people focus on when they look at these photos. Not me. I can’t help focusing on the pictures as a whole. I could look at them all day. I don’t care if what I’m seeing is the real deal or a manufactured product. What matters to me is how the music makes me feel and Lana’s music makes me feel warm and cozy. Love this girl. I think she really gets a raw deal. Gotta admit though, the whole Axl Rose thing was a little weird.

August 11, 2011

Emma Watson Flashes Her Panties

Um… okay, so I’m not really sure what the deal is with Emma Watson in these pictures. Is she purposefully flashing her panties to the paps? I thought these pictures were perhaps taken on the set of a movie but I can’t find a movie that would fit in with this whole scenario. I also can’t see how the panty flashing would be an accident here. I mean, it looks like she’s actually pulling the skirt up. I don’t think she actually is – bad hand placement in the pictures, perhaps – but I have never flashed my undies to that extent when running across the street or parking lot or whatever. Even so, she looks hot. I guess that has to count for something. I can’t finish this post without noting these photos were taken in London and with the riots taking place there, I hope Emma and her loved ones are safe. Scary stuff.

March 4, 2011

Taylor Momsen Hits The Stage In Her Panties

It seems like it’s been forever since last we heard about little Taylor Momsen. I missed her and her crazy antics. Taylor and her band, The Pretty Reckless, hit the stage at the Tattoo Rock Parlour in Toronto and these are the pictures from that performance. I’m not the least bit surprised to see her in what look like leather panties paired with a black ‘Satan’ tank top and black thigh high tights. The problem with Momsen is that you can’t really call her sexy. I mean, she’s so young it would just be inappropriate. I was kind of growing tired of her half naked antics, but only now am I realizing what a void was left in my life when Taylor apparently decided to put on clothes. I don’t know, folks. I’m so back and forth on this girl, I get dizzy writing about her.

November 5, 2010

Pixie Lott Keeps Her Panties Covered

I’ve been writing for this website for a while now and Pixie Lott has showed up in a few different photo sets in that time – almost always with her panties showing in at least one picture. After investigating these pictures closely, I’ve come to the realization that Pixie is adorable, fun but sadly, not quite as interesting when her panties aren’t exposed. Even so, she’s still pretty cute and this pictorial isn’t exactly a failure. I quite like it actually and I quite like Pixie. Her music isn’t really groundbreaking or life altering, but it is fun and entertaining. With continued success and film roles in the works, 19 year old Pixie is really still at the beginning of what could possibly be a very rewarding, long term career.

September 26, 2010

Pixie Lott Upskirt Shot Flashes Her Panties

I’m not sure why, but it seems every time I see pictures of Pixie Lott, I also see her panties. Here at the Mahiki Nightclub in London, Pixie once again gives us some lovely upskirt shots which reveal her light blue panties. The thing I like about Pixie is that she just doesn’t seem to care. So what? They’re just panties. I love that attitude. She doesn’t seem to be flashing her panties on purpose like you often see with other celebs. With Pixie you get the feeling she genuinely doesn’t know her panties are sticking out and genuinely doesn’t care. She realizes it, crosses her legs and carries on. She’s just a girl out having some fun with her friends. Nothing wrong with that.