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July 6, 2011

Chanelle Hayes Is All Wet In A Bikini

Chanelle Hayes is one of those celebrities you either love or hate. Rising to have on season 8 of ‘Big Brother’ her climb to the top was pretty impressive. Before long she’d racked up a serious list of credits on all manner of reality television shows, had an impressive modeling portfolio and had even signed a recording contract. The problem was that while she was everywhere for a while, not everyone was thrilled with that and once the back lash started, it hit fast and hard. With radio stations refusing to add her single to their play lists, festivals refusing to let her sing and her own admission that she thought her fame was a thing of the past, it seemed her reign was coming to an end just as quickly as it started. Add to that a suicide attempt and numerous failed relationships and it’s a little hard to be anything but sad when you look at this one. With that said, she looks gorgeous here in Spain. She doesn’t look super happy, but she’s at least in one piece and I’ll give her credit for that.

June 19, 2010

Chanelle Hayes Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Well, you can put those rumors to rest. Earlier in her pregnancy, former Big Brother star, Chanelle Hayes was accused of lying about her pregnancy because her baby bump was so small but as she hit the beach in Greece in her bikini, there was no doubt about the legitimacy of her pregnancy. That baby bump is now a baby mountain. Chanelle is definitely pregnant with ex-boyfriend Matthew Bates even though she’s currently dating Jade Goody’s widower, Jack Tweed. What a sordid little world celebrities live in. One thing is for sure – even at seven months pregnant, Chan is a stunner.

June 13, 2009

Chanelle Hayes’ Orange Bikini Photos

Here are HQ photos of former reality show Big Brother housemate Chanelle Hayes was spotted soaking up the sun wearing her bright orange Ralph Lauren Polo bikini matched with an orange sunglasses with other female friends at the Buddha Bar in Puerto Banus. Looks like Chanelle really has a good time as she plunge into the pool, did water wrestling with friends and other fun water activities. She wears her all out smile as she sips on her champagne by the pool. These holiday photos of Chanelle on her orange bikinis show off her honed and tones figure, which is obviously one of the reasons why she has successfully established herself as a glamour model.

Chanelle Hayes

September 18, 2008

Chanelle Hayes In Strapless Bikini

Chanelle Hayes, former Big Brother contestant, was photographed in Ibiza, Spain. She was with a handsome, mystery man. Hayes, 20, showed off her strapless bikini and toned complexion. Her slim waist was adorned in her navel by a cute button ring. When she was in London, she spent time with her old crowd of Big Brother contestants. May be it is time for her to change her company and mix with the more rich and famous.

Chanelle Hayes

April 29, 2008

Chanelle Hayes’ Sexy Corset And Fishnets

Chanelle Hayes had mixed reactions when she went on stage to sing her single. In Warrington, a few club patrons threw bottles at her. Chanelle was not discouraged. She said that she would work harder. In Rotherham, she had a warmer welcome. Nobody booed at her. Have you heard her song? The background music used lots of synthesizers and it sounded like a dance music song.

Chanelle Hayes

January 19, 2008

Caribbean Bikini Beauty Chanelle Hayes

Who has seen a bikini clad beauty in the Caribbean? I bet you have…at least in pictures, right? But have you seen a sexy, bikini clad beauty in the Caribbean who could talk on the cellular phone while wading in water? Yep, you read that right. Chanelle Hayes made quite a splash in the Caribbean as she wore an itsy bitsy tube bikini. She flaunted her shapely curves and the teasing tattoo on the small of her back… but she also got to do something so extraordinary (at least for some!)… find out after the jump!

Chanelle Hayes

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