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May 13, 2012

Shauna Sand Has Sex On The Beach… Maybe

Oh paparazzi … really? At the same time, oh Shauna Sand … really? I guess Shauna Sand already has a sex tape out there so why not strip naked and have sex on the beach with your lover despite the fact that you’re a celebrity and cameras like to follow you everywhere. These pictures are hot in a way and Shauna’s man has a lovely behind but it’s a little hard to enjoy them when looking at the pictures makes me feel so wrong. These were not moments meant to be captured on film, unless of course, that’s what Shauna was going for. Maybe Shauna just doesn’t care. Sometimes the mood just hits, I suppose.

July 19, 2011

The Voluptuous And Tanned Shauna Sand

Walking, talking Barbie doll Shauna Sand hit the beach in Miami, Florida wearing about the same amount of clothing she would normally wear to a night out at the bar and I guess I’m okay with that. She looks sexy and I guess that’s really all that matters. I will admit I’m not really this voluptuous and tanned Playboy model’s biggest fan, but she has plenty of them so I doubt my lack of appreciation for whatever it is that she does bothers her a whole lot. The woman is a train wreck of the highest order with three marriages under her belt and countless other personal dramas and scandals plaguing her but she’s always willing to throw on some tiny outfit and show off her body, so people still love her. I guess I have to give her props for that.

August 20, 2010

Shauna Sand Is Plastic Fantastic

There isn’t a soul on this planet that can argue whether or not Shauna Sand has had plastic surgery. I mean, they could try but they would lose. This woman is more plastic than flesh, but hey, she looks incredible so who cares. I, personally, would never go under the knife, but that’s just me. Shauna clearly likes it and she clearly loves the way she looks. Showing off her sexy body in a pink leopard print bikini, Shauna is probably having a lot of fun on the beach. I mean, you can’t really tell because I doubt her face is actually capable of showing emotional anymore, but she doesn’t exactly look unhappy. Any woman who struts the sand in stripper heels is okay in my books. That has got to be hard to do.

May 20, 2010
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Shauna Sand And Taylor Wane Go Topless

41 year old Taylor Wane and 33 year old Shauna Sand were spotted tanning their bodies at Miami Beach, Florida. Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand, who featured on the magazine’s top cover in May 1996, looked quite sexy in her cheetah print bikini while Porn Hall of Fame, Taylor Wane was looking all the more erotic while massaging a topless Sand. Shauna is in Miami for the fifth anniversary of Exxotica Expo held annually. She will be present at the weekend long expo along with other models so watch this space for more hotties.

January 26, 2009

Shauna Sand’s Bikini Photos In Miami

Shauna Sand and her ex-husband, Romain Chavent, were seen at South Beach, Miami on Saturday, Jan 24. Sand was a sexy temptress in her tiny bikini. Sand showed off her flat navel, which was accentuated by a couple of cute piercings. Also on display was her Playboy bunny tattoo. Sand was becoming more and more like Barbie doll with her ever slime line figure and big bust. She even has a Ken-like doll as an accessory!

Shauna Sand