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August 10, 2010

Natasha Alam In Her Bra And Panties

I’m not really sure what this movie is about, but after seeing these pictures of mega-babe Natasha Alam on the set of her movie Drop Dead Gorgeous, I have to say, this is a movie I’m not going to miss. At first it was hard to imagine she could possibly look sexier than she did in True Blood, but then she heated up the pages of Playboy and no one could imagine her topping that. I think this movie will show an even sexier side of her. This woman is so smokin’ hot, she’s on fire. She has the sort of body that would make any man weak with desire. All the more power to her for recognizing that and showing it off as often as she can.

April 19, 2013
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Farrah Abraham Is A Lying Skank.

Is my title a little harsh? Maybe but Farrah Abraham has really, really ticked me off. For a long time, I said she wasn’t that bad. No, she wasn’t that bad at all. She was just misunderstood and hey, she was under a lot of pressure. My view of her changed drastically in the light of her sex tape revelations. My problem is not the sex tape. My problem is not even the fact that it was more of a straight up porn flick than a ‘leaked’ sex tape (which just sounds icky, by the way). My problem is that she lied about it. She lied about it a lot and she thought the public – not to mention her fans – would be too stupid to figure it out. Yes, that is my problem with Farrah Abraham. Now, for those of you that don’t know what I’ve got my panties all in a twist about, I’ll give you the broad strokes. Word got around that there was a Farrah Abraham sex tape and Farrah immediately denied such a tape existed, following that up by admitting there was a tape and threatening to sue anyone that released it – all pretty much par for the course in the world of celebrity sex tapes. All in all, pretty yawn worthy stuff. Then came news that Abraham’s co-star in this ‘sex tape’ was James Deen – one of the most well known male actors in the adult film industry today. Seemed a little, well, suspicious, at least. When asked if he was dating Farrah, James basically confirmed what everyone was already beginning to suspect. This was no sex tape. This was a porn flick. They met, were tested together and then filmed the movie in front of a camera crew. There was nothing private about this. It was porn that was intended to be sold to the highest bidder. I have no problem at all with porn stars. I think porn is awesome but come on, at least have the respect for your fans to be honest about it. Insulting our intelligence is just plain disrespectful and as a result, any remaining respect I had for this woman is gone.

June 30, 2009

The Wet And Wild Side Of Lindsay Lohan

Former child star Lindsay Lohan ages another year older. Spotted while celebrating her birthday at Wet Republic Pool in Las Vegas, Lindsay goes wet and wild with friends wearing her blue loose shirt and black panties. Lindsay seems to have a sexy and good-looking body regardless of the dress style she has. She can look super skinny in some of these photos but other photos really bring out the beauty of Lindsay Lohan that we use to know. Is she paying tribute to King of Pop Michael Jackson? She looks good at it, and it looks like she can dance well.

Lindsay Lohan

May 14, 2009

Natalie Portman Shows Panties

While filming for her new drama film Hesher, Israeli American actress Natalie Portman shows off her floral panties at the Hesher set while doing a scene wherein she had to defend a young boy from getting bullied and wrestles to one of her co-stars to the ground. The 27-year-old actress played a role of a market worker in the film. Despite of the scene that is full of action, some panties and bras are shown, Natalie still looks pretty and lovely on her lavender tank-top, floral tiny skirt, brown shoes and multi-colored umbrella. The Star Wars’ Queen Amidala, is truly one of the finest.

Natalie Portman

May 5, 2009

Katy Perry And The Red Polka Dot Dress

Katy Perry really looks like a mannequin especially when wearing her signature make-up style. In her latest performance, Katy seems to be rocking the stage once again with her heart-pounding and head-banging music. The mini red polka dot dress accentuated with a red heart belt embraces the curves of the young Hot and Cold singer. Katy Perry seems to like high-waist garments a lot. If you can remember, we have featured her a few days back in her high-waist swimwear while having some fun with Rihanna in Barbados. But then, despite of that, Katy still looks pretty and cute especially when she started to get wild on stage.

Katy Perry shows panties

December 23, 2007

Avril Lavigne Shows Her Panties

Avril Lavigne tried to hide herself under a hooded jacket but her pretty pink dyed hair wanted out. She also showed her undies with her mid-waist, low slung jeans. Half the world would be searching for the “gineh” brand of panties by now. Her ass looks cute in that pair of droopy jeans. Avril wants to hide but parts of her are peeping and they want to play. She has many friends on her jacket of skulls. They reflect her rock chick attitude.

Avril Lavigne 7.jpg

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