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July 11, 2008

Anna Kournikova In Sports Illustrated 2008

Male tennis fans rejoice! The green, concrete and clay courts’ former sweetheart, and now model and photography maven Anna Kournikova is gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated 2008. If you’ve been wondering what the Russian beauty has been up to lately, then you must buy a copy of this mag. Anna, rumored to have been married to singer Enrique Iglesias (they have now reportedly broken up and gotten a divorce… who knew, right?!), is back to wearing tennis clothes in these photos. She also wears a dainty white number that makes her look like a personal assistant that you want to keep forever! Click, click!

Anna Kournikova

June 19, 2008

Elizabeth Hurley’s Short Dress

Elizabeth Hurley was caught on camera as she left her London home to go out on an errand. She wore a short, summer dress that moved seductively. She almost gave us an upskirt moment.

Elizabeth has been the subject of speculation as Denis Leary’s wife, Ann Leary, has written a book about an actor and actress having an extra-marital affair. Some readers thought that Denis and Elizabeth Hurley were the characters but the author denied it.

Elizabeth Hurley

April 25, 2008

Michelle Heaton Shines In Gold

Michelle Heaton is shown in the area of the Embassy Club Nikki Grahame BP, London. She wore a dress that showed her cleavage. Recently, she revealed that she has been diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition. She could die at any moment so she had to prepare herself for it. Michelle has drawn up her will and discussed important matters with her husband Andy Scott-Lee. She has also made it known that she would like to change her name to Michelle Scott-Lee.

Michelle Heaton

November 1, 2007
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Katie Jordan Price Shows Her Crotch

Jordan aka Katie Price was the perfect picture of elegance and glamour. She had a classy hairdo and ultra cool shimmery dress. Everybody expected the diva treatment from her until… her pink undies showed! That sure spoilt everything.
Jordan is still the sweet girl underneath her hot party chick exterior. Her candy pink panty said so!

Katie Jordan Price Upskirt

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